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Do you want to get on the path to building a high-performing organizational culture but aren’t sure where to start? Or perhaps you already have a great culture but you're not sure how to scale it?

The best place to start is with a diagnostic tool that gives you a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s design, so you can be strategic and targeted with your time and training dollars.

Most assessments on the market evaluate your culture in a general way. They only identify symptoms (e.g.: disengagement), without analyzing the root causes of your problems (e.g.: organizational design). As a result, you gain little guidance from the completed assessment, with no proven strategic “North” to head toward.

The WorldBlu Freedom at Work™ Scorecard is different.

According to our research, there is a 75% correlation between the systems, processes, and best practices your organization has in place, and how freedom-centered and democratic your culture is – or isn’t.

We’ve designed the only diagnostic tool in the world that analyzes your organization on three levels – leadership, individual performance, and most importantly, systems and processes. Your data is measured against the specific and proven Freedom at Work™ model, which is already used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard identifies root causes – not just symptoms – specifically targeting the problems in your organization and providing strategic tools to solve them.

The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard is used by hundreds of companies worldwide, including Zappos, WD-40, DaVita, Menlo Innovations, Rev Asia, Start With Why, Widen, Geonetric, HCL Technologies, and more. Our clients represent diverse industries, with a shared commitment to building freedom-centered, rather than fear-based, cultures and workplaces.

The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard has been taken by over 250,000 employees worldwide. It’s available in eight different languages and takes just 10 minutes per person to complete. The number of participants who will complete the Scorecard in your organization is based on the total number of employees—not everyone will be required to participate.

Based on your comprehensive and customized results, our team will utilize over two decades of experience and more than 40 different products and services to help you map a specific path for building a world-class, Freedom-Centered Workplace. No more guesswork, no more wondering where to spend your time and money. We work with you to deliver proven results.

The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard is specific, addresses root causes, and aligns you with a proven model. Save time, money and wasted steps by learning where to focus your resources, so you can get on a path to transformation, scalability, and bottom-line results.

Certification as an official WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Organization™ is achieved when your organization scores 3.5 or higher on a 0-5.0 scale. This distinguished designation opens the door to significant marketing, recruitment, and branding opportunities.

WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organizations™ are proven to deliver approximately seven times the revenue growth on average, compared to S&P 500 Index organizations.

The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard also gives you access to a highly-engaged learning community and global network of leaders that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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Here’s What Leaders Are Saying About Freedom at Work™

We've been a part of the WorldBlu community since 2009. With WorldBlu’s help we've grown more than 12x since then. Our growth and success is a direct result of our culture, which is guided by the democratic principles that WorldBlu represents. The Freedom at Work Scorecard has helped us measure and improve various aspects of our culture, and their events give us access and exposure to other like-minded organizations which has given us many inspiring examples of great practices that we've adopted at Nearsoft.
– Matt Perez, COO, Nearsoft

The first time I heard about the concept of a Freedom-Centered Workplace, I immediately wanted to learn more, and quickly started thinking about ways for us to adopt organizational democracy at DreamHost. When we founded DreamHost, we knew we wanted to do things differently, and that meant questioning every approach to running key parts of the business. We took a lot of inspiration from the underground techno and punk rock music scenes back then, and the democratic, community-focused nature of open source software has always had a huge influence on all of us. The concept of a Freedom-Centered Workplace was a natural progression of ideas we built into our DNA.
– Dallas Kashuba, Co-Founder + Co-CEO, DreamHost

Our goal at Zappos is to deliver the very best customer service and customer experience. When customers call us, instead of giving our employees scripts to read, we believe that trusting our employees and giving them the freedom to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy ultimately will result in happier customers.
– Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

A lot of modern workplaces adopt designs that end up looking more like modern slavery. We do not want to be part of that broken system. We do not want to enslave creative minds. We get more out of life and work when creative minds are liberated. Freedom at Work is the source of our continued success at REV Asia.
– Sam Wee, General Manager, REV Asia

We embrace Freedom at Work™ at DaVita Healthcare Partners because it’s fundamental to being a community first and a company second.
– Kent Thiry, CEO + Mayor, DaVita

What I enjoy most about working in a Freedom-Centered Workplace is the prevalence of dignity and respect for the individual. These qualities of our culture are simply freeing. For me, they remove some of the unnecessary distractions of uncertainly and fear that prevent us from being our personal best.
– Andrew Maynard, Director of Strategic Supply Chain Management, The WD-40 Company

Businesses that practice Freedom at Work are more nimble, resourceful and actively maximize their human potential.
– Kim Jordan, CEO, New Belgium Brewing

What’s Included with the Freedom at Work™ Scorecard

  • > The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard online assessment.
  • > A comprehensive online report customized to your organization
    (offered as a PDF and CSV file).
  • > A two-hour strategic design session to explore your results and map next steps.

  • If certified, organizations also receive:
  • > Access to and unlimited use of the official WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Workplaces logo.
  • > The WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Workplaces official media kit, including the official press release.
  • > The official WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Workplaces Award.

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