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Are you building a company of fear-based followers or freedom-centered leaders?

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Over 75% of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs don’t leave their job – they leave their boss or manager, costing companies millions annually.

Is your organization investing in the kind of transformational leadership development needed to attract and retain top talent, deepen and improve your culture and boost overall growth – or is it perpetuating (and even rewarding!) a fear-based leadership style?

For nearly 20 years, WorldBlu has worked with freedom-centered leaders worldwide pioneering the new model of leadership.

Now, based on extensive research and real-world experience, we’ve codified this new leadership model into a 21-month ground-breaking professional development program called the Freedom-Centered Leader program.

It's built on an interactive gamification platform designed to deliver the mind-set, skills and tools needed to become a successful Freedom-Centered Leader™ for today’s new world of work.

The Problem > Fear-Based Leadership

Most individuals lead themselves and others from a mind-set fear – and they don’t even realize it.

Symptoms of fear in the workplace include stress, distrust, lack of communication, bureaucracy, mico-management, fiefdoms and silos, anger, anxiety and much more.

Leading brain research shows that when we are in a state of fear we have a limited reasoning and creative capacity, stymying our full potential and crippling the capacities of our colleagues, our organizations and ourselves.

The Harvard Business Review reports that, “. . . studies have shown that such fears disrupt the healthy functioning of executive teams and whole companies."

Here’s a look at some of the characteristics of fear-based versus freedom-centered leadership:



Controlling Self-control
Low self-worth High self-worth
Blind dependency Self-governed
Guided by personality Guided by principles
Exclusive Inclusive
Calculating and secretive Authentic and open
Self-absorbed Self-disciplined
Serves their ego Serves humanity
Acts like a boss Chooses to be a leader
Guided by “just the facts” Guided by intuition and reason
Ego-driven Ego-less
Arrogant Humble

Our Solution + Approach

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program is a 21-month professional development program designed to develop an individual in five key areas. With 100 different activities to choose from, the program offers a rich learning landscape for personal and professional development.

Below are the five core attributes of a Freedom-Centered Leader™ that are cultivated in the program.

Freedom Centered Leadership Attributes

What You'll Learn

Here are some of the things you'll learn as you complete the program:

Core Attribute

What You'll Learn


+ How to be deeply self-reflective and self-aware

+ The power of vulnerability and authenticity

+ How to claim your inherent worth

+ How to live your full potential


+ What your purpose and vision is for your life

+ How to define your core values

+ How to live a complaint-free life

+ How to be a critical thinker


+ How to overcome daily fears

+ How to conquer victim thinking

+ Crucial accountability skills

+ How to act from freedom-centered power

+ Decision-making models

Global Understanding

+ Various case studies on leading freedom-centered organizations

+ How to practice open-book management and other skills needed for a freedom-centered workplace

Service to Others

+ How to do commitments

+ How to practice the 4 key listening levels

+ How have to crucial conversations

+ How to give and receive feedback

Why it works

1. Customizable, Self-Directed Learning

Unlike most one-size-fits-all programs, The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program allows individuals to choose from over 100 activities and then customize the learning program to fit their areas of interest as well as areas of needed growth.

3. Blended, experiential learning

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program uses a mix of videos, articles, case studies and experiential activities to deliver a meaningful and impactful experience for all learning styles.

5. Deep Questions + Reflection

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program is designed to take you beyond the surface to get individuals thinking deeply about leadership skills and ideas and their applicability to their life and their workplace.


7. Double-loop, peer-to peer learning

Every time an individual completes a badge, they are peer reviewed on their work and they also have the opportunity to peer review other participants in the program. Research shows that peer-to-peer learning, rather than an expert-driven model, is the most effective form of learning.


9. Mastermind Groups + Learning Partners

The learning doesn’t just happen online – individuals in the program also experience in-person learning, support, and shared accountability in either a mastermind group or with a learning partner.


2. Gamification

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program uses gamification to help cement what participants learn in the program while also bringing a sense of advancement, progress and fun to the overall experience.

4. Self-Paced, From the Comfort of Home

No need to try to learn at someone else’s pace – the Freedom-Centered Leader™ program allow you to learn at the pace that works for you. The added bonus? Since individuals access the program online through the Internet (or as an app on a smart phone or tablet), there’s no need to waste time on an airplane away from the office or family. The learning and devleopment is right where you are, whenever you want it.

6. We’ve Aggregated the Best Out There Plus Original Content You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program aggregates the best books, articles, videos and experiential learning on the development of Freedom- Centered Leader™ all in one place, coupled with original WorldBlu content that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

8. Global Exposure

Because the platform involves individuals from over dozens of countries worldwide, participants gain access to a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives, further enhancing and expanding their thinking and understanding of others around the world.

10. Not Just Training – Transformation

Unlike other leadership training programs that don’t go deep enough, the Freedom-Centered Leader™ program is designed to take individuals on a learning journey that goes beyond traditional training to lasting transformation.

How it Works

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ program is a 21-month professional development program designed to equip individuals with the mind-set, skills and tools needed to lead in a new age.

Here’s the process for becoming a certified Freedom-Centered Leader™:


Freedom Centered Leadership Attributes

Along the way you will do peer reviews on other participants in the program and your work will also be peer-reviewed as well. You will also be a part of a mastermind group within your organization or have a learning partner.

  1. First, earn five Activity Badges per each Principle Badge.
  2. By doing this, you’ll earn ten Principle Badges along the way.
  3. Lastly, aggregate your learning and earn the final badge – the Freedom-Centered Leader™ badge for final certification.

Example Badges | What People are Saying

Purpose and Vision Statements Badge Freedom with Accountability Badge Choosing Abundance Badge Power Question Badge Listening Levels Badge Your Core Values Badge Decision Making Models Badge Overcoming Rankism Badge Living Our Full Potential Badge Giving & Receiving Feedback Badge The End of Management Badge The Hero's Journey Badge Transparency in the Workplace Badge Crucial Conversations Badge Democracy at Semco Badge Ego-Free Living Badge
Power Question participant

What an incredible experience - this [badge] impacted me both personally and professionally in a very positive way! It helped me gain a deeper insight into myself and my relationships with others.

- Jenn Bleil, Learning & Development Manager, Van Meter, Inc., US

Hero's Journey Badge participant

Loved it. This question is a true test of our thinking and one that can lead us to an authentic way of living. Thus far, I believe this has beem the badge that will have the greatest impact on how I choose to live my life going forward. Excellent life skill.

- Jason Cain, Senior Account Manager, Ian Martin Ltd, Canada

Hero's Journey Badge participant

This [badge] is such a fresh and powerful example of what this kind of experience looks like - and really how it applies to every aspect of your life!

- Travis Thomas, Leadership Coach, IMG, US

Power Question participant

I loved this badge! I’m going to make it a core part of my daily practise and loved all the lessons it taught me.

- Caroline Watson, Executive Director, Hua Dan, France + China

Purpose and Vision Statements participant

This is a great badge, really fundamental for every freedom centered leader! It is simple, but yet challenging and one of the most important badge under Purpose and Vision principle badge. We need to be clear on what our compass in life is and only then we can live life in freedom.

- Adam Foks, AIESEC, Czech Republic

Purpose and Vision Statements participant

[This badge] brings it back to the simplicity at the heart of purpose and vision. A very complicated and elusive topic, but this badge helped me gain clarity and understand myself!

- Travis Dutka, Talent Manager, 360Incentives

Freedom at Work Cycle participant

This is a central badge where it highlights the difference in both dynamics in the workplace: Freedom and Fear. It is very important to have this clarity in the beginning of the journey!

- Hani Boulos, CEO, Innovamarks Inc. & Tube, Egypt

Democracy at Semco participant

I loved this badge and think that it was the most motivating so far. I found it built on concepts that I had worked on in other badges and I expect subsequent badges will in turn build on this.

- Nathan Donaldson, CEO, Boost New Media, New Zealand

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